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Quote for the Week

“The hardest battle you will ever have to fight is between who you are now and who you want to be.”

- unknown


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(1) Why do you have a sponsors? Last year, a local company got interested with my blogs (tumblr and wordpress) and with all my works (as a blogger and artist). And they got me as intern. All I need to do is to maintain a good traffic on my blogs and write articles or post a pictures of a product(s) they wanted me to review. Sadly, all my blogs got hacked early this year and I need to start from the scratch. Now that I can able to give them a satisfying traffic everything falls into place. Sooner, you will find out more ^_^

(2) Do I Follow? Now, I like keeping my life simple and clutter-free and this includes my message box and dashboard. So no I do not follow/visit my new followers’ blogs anymore. But I do check out blogs if you ask me to and followed. ^_^

(3) Promo for promo? No, sorry. I only promote my followers whom I think deserve it. 

(4) Check out my blog? Sure just message me.

(5) Follow back? No, sorry.

(6) Vote for me? Sure, just let me know all the details (:

(7) Help me with votes? No, sorry. 

Feel free to ask me questions ♥♥♥